Boy Picks Up A Leaf Blower And Instantly Becomes Drunk With Power

This does not blow.

Jaxson Hess, a 4-year-old boy from Martinsburg, West Virginia, realized a deep truth about himself when he got his hands on his grandfathers leaf blower for the first time.

The little tyke loves the feeling of POWER.

Just watch him relish in glee when the leaf blower blasts away his younger sister, Lyla:

And try not to bust out laughing when he puts down the yard tool to fully express his evil joy.

In that moment, there was literally nothing more exciting on this earth to him, Jaxsons father, C.R. Hess, told HuffPost.

In May, Hess posted the video of Jaxson and the leaf blower to his YouTube channel, MakoTitan, but the video is just now starting to pick up viral steam.

Hess told HuffPost that his son always wants to help out around the house. He LOVES his grandad so much and that was the first time he used the leaf blower, Hess told HuffPost. He has used it one time since and its a similar reaction.

Someone get this kid a white cat to stroke stat!

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