Rush Limbaugh Can’t Stop Gushing Over ‘Manly And Studly’ Greg Gianforte

Radio host Rush Limbaugh seems to be a very big fan of Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate accused of body-slamming a reporter in Montana the day before he won a special election to a U.S. House seat.

Speaking on his radio show Thursday, Limbaugh repeatedly described how manly and studlyGianforte must be for his alleged attack on Ben Jacobs, a Guardian reporter who was asking about thehealth care bill.

Gianforte, the manly and studly candidate, threw the 125-pound wet dishrag reporter from The Guardian to the ground, Limbaugh said, according to an online transcript of his show posted on his website.

Limbaugh no doubt relies on a certain amount of sarcasm and irony. However, he was largely critical of Jacobs, whom he dismissed as pajama boy and a classic Never Trumper, anti-Trumpist from the drive-by media.

The talk-show host did condemn the attack,although not without laughing about it at the same time.

This cannot be accepted. This must be condemned, he said.I wonder how many people in Montana are now going to vote for the guy, though?

Enough to beat his Democratic rival.

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