12 Articles About Anxiety That Will Make You Feel Significantly Less Alone

Vlad Deep

1. Nothing About My Anxiety Is Cute by Ari Eastman

This article is excellent for people who are fed up with people glamorizing anxiety. Read this if you want a straight to the point, honest, thought provoking essay on what real anxiety is.


2. A One Sentence Story About Social Anxiety by Jacob Geers

This article is the one of the best social anxiety pieces I have ever read. Geers is spectacular at capturing the imagery and the sounds and feelings you get when you suffer from this illness.


3. 12 Things To Remember When You Love Someone With Anxiety by Karen Young

I love this piece because the author is gentle, but firm in describing the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses. She points out that anxiety is an ILLNESS, it’s not something to brush off.


4. Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Getting Anxiety by Chrissy Stockton

This piece by Chrissy Stockton is refreshingly raw and real. She doesn’t sugarcoat her experience or pretend that anxiety is any fun to have. This is a piece you need to read no matter if you’ve just started having anxiety, or if you’ve had it for years.

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5. Anxiety: The New Normal Of 20 Something Life by Kovie Biakolo

When I first read this essay, it hit me right in the gut. I love Biakolo’s realness on the topic of anxiety and how it seems to now have become the new ‘normal’ amongst millennials.

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6. My Fake Anxiety by Ryan O’Connell

I adore Ryan O’Connell, not only for his whit, but for his ability to tackle taboo subjects. This piece is a detailed essay about O’Connell’s experience with his first panic attack and his uncensored account of what he went through.


7. 12 Things I’ve Done Lately To Curb My Anxiety That Have Nothing To Do With Therapy by Kendra Syrdal

Read this piece if you’ve been trying everything to help your advice, but nothing to seems to work. Even when you go to therapy, there are plenty of other things that can help, which Kendra expertly details in this piece (that I’ve bookmarked).


8. 50 Simple Mini-Habits That Actually Help With Anxiety by Chrissy Stockton

These 50 simple but POWERFUL tips by Stockton are freaking amazing and sinpirational. Bookmark this immediately whenever you are feeling low or like anxiety has overcome your life.


9. This Is How I Kicked My Anxiety In The Gut And Beat It For Good by Lo Bosworth

I love this article because Lo Bosworth is someone you would never think of as type of person to have anxiety. But she too, as a beautiful celebrity battles this mental illness. Read this when you feel like you’re completely alone.


10. What It’s Like To Try To Fall Asleep When You Have Anxiety by Chrissy Stockton

Once again, Chrissy manages to write yet another article about anxiety that is mind blowingly relatable. Read this when you feel like your symptoms are becoming out of control.


11. 11 Things People Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because Of Your Anxiety by Lauren Jarvis-Gibson

I wrote this article because there are a lot of symptoms that people don’t even realize are anxiety. I used to think I had cancer, or had some sort of brain tumor because I was having such awful and psychical symptoms. Turns out? It was anxiety.


12. What Anxiety Actually Is, Because It’s More Than ‘Just Worrying’ by Kirsten Corley

This piece by Kirsten Corley effortlessly details what anxiety actually is and what anxiety actually feels like. Read this when you feel like noone understand what you are going through.

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