8 Hottest Vegetarian Bollywood Celebrities 2015 Will Make You Believe In Vegetarian Diet!



Tittle :8 Hottest Vegetarian Bollywood Celebrities 2015 Will Make You Believe In Vegetarian Diet!

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Some Bollywood stars thoroughly believe having vegetarian food keeps you healthy and clean. Let us find out what inspires them to stay vegan. Do you know who all are on this list?
8. Vidyut Jamwal
He has impressed many girls with his amazing body and is a vegetarian since he was 14. Heis proof that one can maintain an awesome physique even after following a vegetarian diet.
7. Shahid Kapoor
Shahid is a true vegetarian and had inspired many including his ex. He turned vegetarian after reading ‘Life is Fair’ by Brian Hines.
6. Neha Dhupia
No wonder why she is so hot. She had done several animal rights campaigns and is a vocal supporter of vegetarianism.
5. Kareena Kapoor
Her story is no secret. She sacrificed her interest for typical punjabi non veg delicacies when she was in a relationship with Shahid Kapoor. Their relationship didn’t work but she did shed some kilos.
4. Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan may not look fit, but yes she is a vegan too. But doesnt’t she have a curvaceous figure and a beautiful face. She prefers traditional dal, rice, sabzi and rice for her meal.
3. Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut turned vegetarian only after coming to Mumbai to maintain her shape and beauty. Well, we know she is very competitive and passionate about her career.
2. Rekha
Rekha has been a vegetarian all her life and she is the first female celebrity to pay attention towards her vegetarian diet.
1. Amitabh Bachchan
He was nominated for PETA (operates under a simple principle eat, wear or experiment) as the hottest vegetarian celebrity for last three times. Maybe this is his secret to stay fit even in his 70’s!!!


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