Amazing LED-covered ‘StarCraft’ cosplay kicks ass

The only thing that’s better than badass cosplay is a badass cosplay that lights up.

Cosplayer Svetlana Quindt (with the help of Instagram user Adafruit) created an amazing cosplay of the StarCraft character Nova (more specifically, a version of Nova found in Heroes of the Storm) complete with LED-enhanced armor and dreadlocks. 

Quidnt posted photos of her progress along the way on Instagram as far back as Sept. 7, showing off all the hard work that went into this kick-ass cosplay.

The Nova cosplay looks amazing in normal photos and videos, but it looks extra cool in the professional photoshoot.

Quindt’s Nova cosplay was officially completed earlier this week. Some of her earlier photos and videos have been making the rounds on Reddit and Imgur. 

The combination of how cool it looks and the inventiveness of the LED accents have made it pretty popular on the internet.

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