At-home composting is going high tech and apartment dwellers can get in on it

This little cube is your solution to indoor composting (and saving the planet).
Image: food cycle science

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At-home composting is going high tech, because that’s what we do with everything now.

Composting is an eco-friendly method of food recycling that could potentially slow the effects of global warming, which obviously sounds great. But there’s one issue: It’s hard as hell to do unless you live somewhere with your own private outdoor space. So even though most of us would love to get in on the action, if we’re apartment dwellers, we’re screwed. Many farmers’ markets have compositing drop off, but that means you have to save your scraps at home all week and then remember to bring them with you. 

The new and improved Food Cycler Platinum is the indoor composter and food recycler that, wait for it, sits on the countertop and is no bigger than a toaster oven. BRB, saving the earth.

For the uninitiated, composting is simply emptying things like food scraps and yard waste into a big container, where it breaks down into organic matter that can be used as fertilizer. When these materials aren’t composted and are just thrown away, they go to huge overflowing landfills where they start to release methane: a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change and is more potent than carbon dioxide. So yeah, it’s is kind of a big deal.

Image: food cycle science

Image: food cycle science

This process may sound like a whole big thing, but with the Food Cycler, it’s almost too easy. Just toss your food scraps into the container and press the button. That’s it. No adding extra stuff, no draining, and next-to-no effort. In as little as three hours, this little cube reduces your waste up by 90%, turning it into a powerful, nutrient rich fertilizer that your garden or indoor plants will thank you for. Plus, the Food Cycler is now equipped with a Filter Monitoring System, so you don’t have to worry about reaching in there and changing filters.

And no, this isn’t some cringeworthy machine that sounds like a giant garbage disposal or leaves nasty smells through the kitchen. According to reviews, the Food Cycler’s process is scentless and no louder than a dishwasher. Plus, it looks super sleek and blends in with other appliances, so you’ll barely remember it’s there.

The Food Cycler regularly goes for $499, but is frequently (like, almost always) on sale for $349. Get yours here. For composting tips from the Environmental Protection Agency, go here.

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