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Charlie Sheen has reportedly adopted a new vegan diet, and healthier lifestyle to help him as he continues to live with HIV.

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The only thing Charlie Sheen may crack on these days is his newly adopted vegan diet.

According to TMZ, Sheen is adopting a much healthier lifestyle after his HIV diagnosis. His routine reportedly consists of swimming, yoga, rice and veggie burgers, and coconut water coffee.

We imagine his new, 26-year-old fitness model girlfriend, Julia Stambler, has something to do with his health kick.

According to the Daily Mail, Sheen talked about his change of lifestyle, saying “Now it’s exercise, diet. I don’t go on benders, don’t drink as much…”

Unfortunately, a side effect from his HIV medication has reportedly been migraines, and what he describes as “borderline dementia,” but overall he’s on a positive path to improvement and potential for healthier years to come.

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