Guys Reveal The Smoothest Things Girls Have Said Or Done To Them, So Take Some Notes

Of all the words I would use to describe myself, “smooth” is definitely not one of them. In my general life, I’m just not a smooth person. I’m the friend who blurts out the secret because she didn’t realize it was a secret or the one who will be talking smack when the person I’m talking about is standing directly behind me. And things only get worse when I’m trying to show a guy I like him. Seriously, the art of learning how to show a guy you like him is one that I have yet to master.

Luckily, I wound up in a relationship with a guy who finds my awkward inability to make literally any of the first moves endearing. But the vast majority of my dating career has been a long series of awkward and unsuccessful attempts on my part to play it cool and convince the guy I like that I don’t actually like him. Makes sense, right?

Yeah, so I’m probably not the person you should go to for tips on how to show a guy you like him. But these dudes might actually have some better advice for you. In a recent Reddit thread, they shared the smoothest things girls did or said when putting moves on them. READ ALONG AND TAKE NOTES, LADIES.

She found a way to give him her number without him asking.

She points at my phone “Is that the new one? Have you used (appname) yet?” I say no, she says another one, again – no. “What about MyNumber?” I say I don’t have that one. She takes my phone puts her number in – there now you have my number.


She managed to give him her number touch his butt.

She slipped her number into my back pocket. I didn’t know what she was doing, only felt a hand on my ass. She walked away immediately, and when I looked at the paper, my boner grew three sizes, that day.


Kayla Snell/Stocksy

She didn’t bother beating around the bush.

Girl I worked with that I thought was way out of my league came up to me at a work party and whispered “if we fuck tonight, will it be awkward on Monday?” I said “nope”

Then I proceeded to make it awkward on Monday. 10/10 would do it again


She asked to hold his hand, and he thought it was adorable.

“Can you drive with one hand?”




She paid his lunch bill when she wasn’t even there.

I went out to lunch with some coworkers and was texting my girlfriend, mentioned where we were in passing (she’s in another city a few hours away). Ask for the check, it’s already paid, I’m looking around to see if I know anyone in the restaurant… Nope GF had called in and paid for lunch.


She cut right to it.

I was talking to a girl. As in, I was at work, she was waiting for a ride, I walked up and said hey. Then spoke about nothing for a minute.

She goes, “So, do you want my number? Here” and boom


She told him he was “pretty.” Then, she corrected herself.

Co worker (female) said to me “you’re pretty”.

I said “guys typically don’t like to be called pretty”

30 seconds later

“You’re fuckable”



She made it clear there was a high chance they were going to get it on.

I met this girl one night and we talked pretty much the whole night. Flirting heavily etc. It was getting to a point where I had to make a move but an ex of mine was around. Decided instead that I would say:

“Can’t do anything tonight, but I’m like 50% sure that next time we meet we will.”

Her reply –

“Nah, more like 80%” and gave me THAT look. Had to take a breath and calm down haha


She set herself apart from his ex.

I was texting with this girl who knew my ex had a jaw problem, so bj were off the table. Suddenly, she wrote “btw, my jaw is perfectly fine”


She alluded to a sleepover.

Invited her home for some balcony red wine. She appears with dinner she wants to make for both of us. I think cool. She asks if I have eggs. I say yes but we’re making a fish thing, do you need eggs for that? She says “No for breakfast.”

Mind blown.


She seamlessly demanded a kiss.

Random lady got me to do shots with her at a bar. It was turn for tequila she was explaining to her friend how to do it. She just gave out commands while we were doing it. Lick the salt! Take the shot! Bite the lime! Kiss! I remember kissing her I was thinking ” wait what?!” So that was smooth.


All right, now, write these tips down and go put the ~MOVES~ on your crush.

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