Guys Reveal What Will Make Them Actually Stop Pursuing Someone They Like

So you met this guy at the bar when you were having a great time with your friends and honestly had no intention of meeting anyone. The two of you start talking, and you’re lukewarm toward him, but you can tell he’s really into you. Your suspicions are confirmed when he texts you first thing the next morning, asking if you’ll go on a date with him. One date turns into another, which turns into another, when, suddenly, he stops talking to you. Ever wonder what makes a guy stop talking to you? Well, I’m a girl, so I don’t have the answer off the top of my head, but a recent Reddit thread asked dudes to give their very own firsthand accounts of why they stopped talking to girls they liked.

Pro-tips after having read them all? Stop playing it so cool and actually act like you like him if you do. (That means maybe don’t keep up the whole “hard to get” thing up for very long.)

Without further ado, read along and take note of the frankly pretty reasonable reasons why guys have stopped pursuing girls they liked.

When you stop texting him back

When they don’t text back – if they are interested they will make you a priority.


When you mention your ex

Of the 4 or 5 last dates I had they mentioned their ex-boyfriend in the first hour. Basically ended it right there it wasn’t worth anyone’s time at that point.


When he realizes he’s the only one putting in the effort

If they put in no effort whatsoever and it feels like I am doing everything to keep the relationship alive.


When there are too many games

I’m not in to Games. I will give you another chance, maybe two, but no more.

Also, if she doesn’t sound at all interested, or a resounding “NO!”. More fish in the sea.


Competition and games. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m a guy who likes one girl at a time, I just wish I met more girls my age who were like that. Seems people are always entertaining multiple options and I’m a lot more straightforward than that so I don’t entertain having to compete and/or play games trying to figure someone out. Better things to do with my time.


When he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with you on the serious stuff

When she jumps right into serious important topics and I realize my views are gonna piss her off and get me castrated (This has happened too many times to count)


When you reject his invitations to hang out multiple times

I’ll ask a girl out twice. if she declines both times and she doesn’t make any effort to find a time that works for both of us, i’ll assume that she’s not interested.


When he feels like he’s constantly chasing you

When I have to do all the pursuing. If she’s not putting in any effort to see me, I’m done.


One cancellation, if there’s not a legit reason for it and a clear desire to reschedule.

I’m not going to chase anyone. Either we work together, or we don’t.


When she shows no interest in me.

Seriously, why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t want you? It defeats the entire purpose of a relationship. So try and if it’s not happening leave.


Around the 4th or 5th time I’m the one who initiates texting/calling/plans without reciprocation.


Back when I was single, anything other than an enthusiastic ‘Yeah!’ was a hard next.

There will always be more women.


Yep I’m not twisting anyone’s arm to hang out with me. If you say no, that’s cool I’m going to move on.


Hey, dudes, were there any reasons we missed on this list? Does anyone else out there have any thoughts? Comment them below!

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