Learn how to turn your writing space into a productivity oasis for $10

Stop making excuses and start writing.
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All writers know that actually making yourself write is half the battle. Whether you’re a full-time writer with a dedicated workspace or pull out your notebook to jot down ideas whenever you can, effectively staying on task without getting distracted is a constant struggle. 

Productivity hacks are small, powerful changes you can make to your routine that force you to work smarter, not harder. This course on Udemy, appropriately titled “Productivity Hacks for Writers,” compiles the best strategies for using your time wisely. 

The instructor, Jessica Brody, was named Udemy’s breakout instructor of 2016. She’s an international bestselling author who churned out four books and a screenplay last year, reportedly only writing for two to three hours per day. She claims that her productivity hacks will help you write twice as much in half the time, and the 4.6 star average review seems to confirm that students are getting a lot out of the course.

The course is divided into three sections, based on Brody’s three pillars of productive writing: mindset, environment, and tools. She calls the sections, “Hack Your Brain,” “Hack Your Space,” and “Hack Your Devices.” 

“Hack Your Brain” shows how your routine and rituals affect your mental state, which in turn affects your writing output. Brody outlines her eight-step morning routine that will get you into a productive mindset right at the beginning of the day. She also provides exercises and activities to implement into your routine that will help you get more done in the time you have.

“Hack Your Space” is all about the effect your writing environment has on your productivity. Having a dedicated space to write without being disturbed by kids, spouses, roommates, or your never-ending to do list is a must for getting work done. Brody provides tips on how to set up your space to be a “productivity oasis” by eliminating distractions (sorry, you gotta turn off your phone) so you can focus on the task at hand.

Of course, technology isn’t all bad. In “Hack Your Devices,” Brody shares her favorite apps, software, and general techniques for utilizing the digital tools at your disposal. 

Enrolling in Productivity Hacks for Writers gives you lifetime access to over 3 hours of video and 30 supplemental materials. The course is normally priced at $100 but for a limited time you can get it for $10—that’s 90% off. 

You’ll be surprised at how productive you can be.

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