‘SNL’ Weekend Update has some tips for not being a sexual predator

There are some strong Trump burns to kick off the latest edition of Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update, but the real highlight is the sketch’s takedown of sexual predators in Hollywood and beyond.

OK fine, here’s one Trump joke: “Well, it’s Veteran’s Day. And Donald Trump celebrated by finally going to Vietnam.”

Really though, the heart of this sketch is Cecily Strong’s turn as “Claire from HR,’ who visits the Weekend Update set to run through a sexual harassment training seminar. 

It’s good stuff. Headache-inducingly obvious, sure, but we’re also living in a world where some adult men think it’s OK to date 14-year-olds while others think it’s perfectly fine to use an exposed, erect penis as a form of greeting.

Soooooooo yeah. Maybe Claire’s questionnaire isn’t just for jokes.

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