The simplest way to watch Thursday Night Football

Rejoice cord-cutters! Thursday Night Football has come to Amazon Prime. Thanks to a massive $50 million deal made earlier this year, Amazon now has streaming rights to the NFL’s 2017 season Thursday night games, available for anyone with an Amazon Prime account. Best of all, watching the game is as simple as logging on.

How to watch Thursday Night Football

Here’s how it works for Amazon Prime subscribers. Thursday Night Football games will be available on every device that supports Amazon Prime—even mobile phones, which have a history of blacking out NFL games even during live events. So whether you’re working with a Roku, Fire TV Stick, or a Chromecast, as long as you have a Prime subscription, you’re golden.

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When you activate the app on Thursday evenings, just look for the Thursday Night Football banner and select the game. If you want to make sure you never miss a game, head to Amazon’s Thursday Night Football page and add the season to your Watchlist. That way, if for some reason Amazon’s algorithm doesn’t put the Thursday Night Football banner on your home screen, you’ll be able to quickly find the game on your Watchlist.

Amazon’s stream doesn’t feature the same bells and whistles of competitors like NBC’s Monday Night Football webstream, which allows viewers to see multiple camera angles and real-time stats. However, this is Amazon’s first year streaming, so hopefully, it will add its own extra features in the future.

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The only other way to stream Thursday Night Football games at the moment is CBS All Access, the network’s subscription-based streaming app, which has its own issues. At least if you’re watching via Prime, you get access to its massive library of movies and documentaries on top of the games.

There were some problems during the first week of the Amazon’s streaming of Thursday Night Football. Some users reported the app crashed or froze regularly during the game. Make sure whenever you’re streaming a live program online you use a strong, high-speed internet connection. (Here are some tips to improve your Wi-Fi speed.)


That doesn’t mean fans aren’t already tuning in. According to Variety, the first week of Thursday Night Football on Amazon averaged 370,000 viewers.  

Here’s the Thursday Night Football schedule for the rest of the 2017 season.

Week 5: New England Patriots vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Oct. 5

Week 6: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Carolina Panthers – Oct. 12

Week 7: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders – Oct. 19

Week 8: Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens – Oct. 26

Week 10: Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals – Nov. 9

Week 11: Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – Nov. 16

Week 13: Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys – Nov. 30

Week 14: New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons – Dec. 7

Week 15: Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts – Dec. 14

Week 16: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Houston Texans – Dec. 25

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