These Earbuds Were Specifically Designed To Fall Asleep In

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These Earbuds Were Specifically Designed To Fall Asleep In

Whether you travel often or live on a busy city street, then dealing with noise that prevents you from getting the sleep you need is likely a common challenge. Ear plugs are an easy solution, but if you like listening to music to block out that noise, then finding headphones that are actually comfortable is key. The ATECH Sleeping Buds were designed for exactly this scenario. The body is made of flexible silicone and the in-ear design prevents them from falling out, even if you sleep on your side.

The buds come in one-size-fits-all ear tips and the long, sturdy wires ensure you dont wake up in a tangled mess. If you want to use them as regular headphones when youre not sleeping, there's a built-in microphone to make calls.

These sleep-friendly buds normally retail for $19.99, but you can currently get them for $11.99, or a 40% savings.

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