You Thought The “Squiggly Brows” Trend Was Bizarre? Just Take A Look At This New Look Making It Big On Instagram

These days we’re becoming far more inventive with our beauty and styling techniques. But, we also live in a judgmental world filled with people that like to belittle us based on our personal style if it doesn’t fit in with their standards. However, in spite of this we should forget what the haters say and stay true to ourselves!

This year in particular has been a bizarre time in terms of beauty and fashion trends. For instance, there has been a rise in unicorn makeup tutorials, “boob nail art” and holographic hair Instagram posts! But, nothing quite compares to this… There is now a brand new trend rising through the ranks of the fashion world and social media: squiggle brows! Beauty bloggers and aspiring makeup artists from around the world have been transforming their brows into waves using glue, and it looks spectacular! Although some might think that the look is way too out there to even consider it as a style option, others love it and the liberation that it gives them by styling themselves in such a nonconformist way. It’s certainly not an easy look to achieve, and takes a lot of time and patience to get it to perfection. If you want to style your own brows in this way, take note: the first step is to create a wave in your eyebrows using washable glue (you may want to check some online reviews to find the most suitable glue), then you color them in and add some concealer in order to sharpen your squiggles. But if you thought squiggle brows were outrageous, you should know that there’s a new trend that way surpasses their weirdness. It also involves a squiggle but on an entirely different part of the body. Check this out… With online platforms such as blogging and vlogging sites, there has been a huge increase in makeup-based trendsetting. That’s exactly how the squiggle brows became an online sensation. So, now lovers of the squiggle brow can couple this look with squiggle lips which are arguably far more impressive and aesthetically pleasing.  

However, given how unusual the look is, not everyone is a fan. And often those who despise the look are very willing to share this with their social media followers. Still, you have to hand it to these young men and women; their artistic skill is genius!
In my humble opinion, this look would be perfect for a costume party, but not necessarily for an occasion on which I’d normally dress up. But I also like the idea that people can dress in a way to express themselves or to set themselves apart from everyone else. I mean, who wants to be a sheep who does things purely for the sake of getting brownie points from the masses? If weird and wonderful brows aren’t your thing, why not just keep it simple with these effortless tips on how to make your regular brows next level:

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